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The statistics are alarming! Consider these from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation:

  • Workforce population – 3/4 of drug abusers are employed; a third of those are employed full-time
  • Productivity – Substance users are 33 percent to 50 percent less productive
  • Absenteeism – Users are absent an average of three weeks or more per year and are tardy three times more often than non-users;
  • Accidents – Users are three to four times more likely to have an accident on the job and five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim;
  • Medical claims – Substance users file 300 percent to 400 percent more costly medical claims;
  • Employee theft – An estimated 50 percent to 80 percent of all pilferage, theft and loss is due to substance-using employees.


There are no quick fixes to substance abuse in the workplace, but having a solid substance testing policy and program, as well as informed supervisors and employees, can help, especially if the testing program is carefully controlled and monitored.

MEDSource One takes all measures necessary to provide valid, timely screening with a commitment to these important benefits for employers and employees:

  • Convenience
  • Proper & Consistent Sample Collection, Handling & Testing
  • Expedited Service Time for Visit
  • Timely Reporting
  • On-line reporting of Drug Test Results through MEDTOX QuikResults
  • Medical Review Officer
  • Random Program Selections and Management
  • Rapid Screening and Hair Testing Available
  • On-Site Testing and After-Hours Testing
  • Drug Free Workplace Training